Are you looking for an opportunity to own your own business or add another product that generates profit for your existing business?  Most Vivint.SmartHome partners we bring on our looking for just that and they find it with Vivint, because of the huge opportunity there is with the increase demand in home owners looking to turn their home into a Smart Home.  More and more home owners are looking to be connected with their most expensive asset and to take advantage of all the conveniences that a smart home offers, like: power savings, security, and comfort.

Opportunity: Try this, Google: Smart Home growth and you will find endless articles and stats showing how this is one of the fastest growing trends with home owners.  You can also look at all the companies trying to get a portion of this industry including Google, Apple, Comcast, and many more.  Why would these companies be interested in being in the Smart Home industry you might ask?  The easiest answer is tha the Smart Home is in a growth phase; the products and services have become so affordable for the everyday consumer.  This is great, as it opens it up as an option for everyone, compared to before where it was limited to only customers who could afford the high price tag.  This means an opportunity for companies to take advantage this trend and earn high profits as there is a great need for the product.  With Vivint.SmartHome reseller program gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make those same high profits as the big companies out there.

Profitable: One of the best things about the Vivint.SmartHome partner program is that it is sales only, which means that there is no cost for equipment and no cost to very little cost in getting started selling.  In addition to that Vivint offers very competitive incentives for its partners making for a very profitable venture.  We like to say that it is 100% Pure Profit due to the high incentives and no cost to very little cost to get started. There is opportunity to up sell customers through the Vivint.SmartHome partner program to earn additional incentives along with the ability to cross sell additional products you offer to help increase your profits.

Sales Only Model:  Why is a sales only model good for you?  There are many reseller programs out there and by far the easiest ones to get started with and make profits are is the sales only model.  For an entrepreneur it allows you to focus on finding new customers and takes all the burden of the operations side of the business out of your hands.  You can feel confident when you make a sale that a Vivint representative, that has been fully trained, will do the install, setup, and educate the customer on the system in the most professional manor.  Other benefits of a sales only program is that you will not need to have a security license to sell through the Vivint.SmartHome partner program since Vivint will be finalizing the sale and doing the install.  All these benefits make a sales only model beneficial for starting your new venture or adding it to your existing business to generate profit.

Easy to Get Started: To get started is easy, once approved you will go through an onboarding training that includes training on products, service, and proper ways to sell Vivint. You will then work with your dedicated account manager to help come up with marketing campaigns to find new business or help integrate Vivint into your current business.  Regular webinars are available to update you on new Vivint items as they come out and help train new sales people on the proper way to sell Vivint.  In addition, we have available marketing items to help you find new customers.  Once you’re ready to get started we will walk you through every step of the way to sign up and answer any questions you may have.

Call or message us now to receive more detailed information about the program and register for our Vivint.SmartHome Inquiry Webinar.  Our number is 813-418-7934.  We value all our partners and look forward to working with you.

Bonus: Here is a video about the Vivint.SmartHome Authorized Reseller program for more information.

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